SkyWater Technology Foundry, Inc

SkyWater Technology Foundry, Inc. (f/k/a Cypress Semiconductor Minnesota, Inc.) designs, manufactures and builds to scale semiconductor wafer based technologies for the consumer, industrial, military and automotive applications, including: CMOS semiconductors, mixed signal and RF devices, MEMS, sensing and imaging, silicon photonics and superconducting/quantum computing.  SkyWater, headquartered in Bloomington, MN is the most advanced US owned and US based Trusted Foundry serving the needs of the US government. SkyWater is accredited by Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) as a Category 1 trusted Fab for design, foundry, test and broker services.


Inno-Flex Corporation

World-Class Products. World-Class Value. For over 30 years, Inno-Flex Corporation (Inno-Flex) has been a leading world class manufacturer of control interface products, decorative overlays and in-mold labels to some of the leading manufacturers in the world. Inno-Flex product line goes into a wide variety of consumer and industrial goods, including, consumer appliances, medical devices, cellphone accessories and high tech equipment. Inno-Flex’s full range of services, valuable engineering support, broad product offering, leading-edge technology and customer orientated service provides a complete solution to its customer’s manufacturing needs. With decades of experience creating control interface solutions from start to finish – and across all industries – Inno-Flex has the resources and knowledge to make its customers manufacturing project a success. Inno-Flex’s commitment to quality and value goes hand-in-hand and is what keeps its customers for life.


SixSpeed, LLC

SixSpeed, LLC is one of America’s leading experiential brand management agencies, founded by veteran action and moto-sports marketing professionals who have insatiable appetites for adventure. SixSpeed works with the most adventurous brands to create unforgettable brand experiences that demand attention and drive devotion. They have forged a new way for brands to inspire and engage their customers. SixSpeed will continue its growth through expanding their blue-chip customer base and look for strategic acquisitions in the marketing industry.


Town & Country Fence, LLC

For over 30 years, Town & Country has been the foremost designer and installer of commercial and residential fence in the upper Midwest. Town & Country provides high-quality fence installations, high-quality materials and unmatched customer service to both residential and commercial properties throughout the region. As they have grown, Town & Country has maintained its family ownership and its exceptional dedication to service and quality. In addition to many different residential fencing materials (wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, etc.), Town & Country provides many commercial design and installation options including: security fencing, security gates, turnstile gates, and interior partitions in a variety of industries, such as: utility, data centers, construction, municipal, athletic centers and sport complexes, etc.


Ascent Solutions

Ascent Solutions, LLC was created by industry authorities that know the business, delivery and pricing pressures facing middle market industries in regards to technology implementation and security. Ascent has grown into one of the most trusted consulting companies in the world. Ascent’s unique method of incorporating cybersecurity into our every service has enabled it to become the premier cloud and cybersecurity consulting organization.



CNEX is a privately held start-up company founded in 2013 by semiconductor industry veterans in Silicon Valley, and funded by venture capital and strategic investments from Fortune 500 companies in storage and networking. CNEX is chartered to deliver innovative system solutions in the form of semiconductors and software. For its first product, CNEX teamed with NAND Flash manufacturers and customers to develop a revolutionary new NVMe PCIe SSD controller ASIC that supports LightNVM/Open-Channel operation, and includes native NVMoE I/O connectivity. CNEX SSD controllers deliver high-performance with low and predictable latency, and provide flexibility for software-defined-storage with host-based FTL, and Ethernet I/O for storage fabric scalability