At Oxbow Industries, we pride ourselves on forming true partnerships with the management teams and stakeholders of the businesses in which we invest. We work closely with our partners to create value and position our portfolio companies for sustained growth.

We have a strong relationship with Oxbow and SixSpeed now is a stronger and more successful company. Their partnership has enabled us to focus on becoming a leading marketing services company in the country.

Joe Hurd
CEO, SixSpeed, LLC

Oxbow Industries has been a highly supportive and progressive investment partner. SkyWater Technology Foundry, Inc. has grown significantly both on the revenue and employee base. Oxbow’s investment in our team and technology-led product development has built a strong platform for future growth and we are proud of the business we have built together.

Thomas Sonderman
President, SkyWater Technology Foundry, Inc.

Oxbow has been a supportive partner as the management team acquired Inno-Flex Corporation from its family-owned roots. Oxbow has also encouraged the team to challenge its ambitions, enabling us to create a step change in the business. Oxbow has been an active and supportive investor with whose help we have strived to diversify our customer base and the markets which we serve. Inno-Flex is well positioned for the future.

John Pesonen
CEO/President Inno-Flex Corporation

In looking for an investor partner, I interviewed over 100 firms. Oxbow was the only one that I felt was composed of experienced businessmen, and one of only three that took the time to deeply understand our company, our management team, and our strategy. Their business acumen and wisdom marry nicely with Ascent Solutions’ deep industry and leadership expertise to create a partnership I’ve not seen in my prior ventures. I feel that Oxbow is a critical element to Ascent’s growth strategy and I’m proud to have them standing behind us.

JD Harris
CEO, Ascent Solutions LLC