Opportunities Develop for Oxbow and Portfolio Client


It was business as usual for Oxbow Industries when they began working with a fence supply company as their portfolio client. The company met the investment criteria perfectly with its high-quality business structure and engaged leadership and management team. Plus, the entrepreneurial spirit and professionalism truly set this growing fence company on the path for sustained growth and on its way to becoming a leader in its industry.

In early 2020 a unique opportunity began to develop between Oxbow and the fence supply company.  While that original portfolio partnership was proving to be a huge success, it was also the beginning of a great idea that lead to the development of something even greater.


Two Become One With Outstanding Representation

Recognizing the lack of representation of quality fencing products in the midwest, both at a retail and wholesale level, Oxbow began thinking outside the box. Through their market research, Oxbow discovered that midwest contractors had limited resources available to accommodate the fencing needs of their clients.  Most fence suppliers offered minimal inventory, limited product accessories, and long wait times.    

Realizing that their portfolio client had the skills, management, and the incentive to grow, it seemed like the perfect time to embark on a new and unique opportunity.  Together, the two companies formed MN Fence Supply, a wholesale fence supplier with specific representation to midwest contractors.  Maintaining high inventory levels and quick lead times was exactly what midwest contractors were needing for their business. 

Today, MN Fence has a reputation of having some of the best-value contractor pricing in the midwest, offering hand-selected top brand manufacturers fence and gate products from wood, chain link, aluminum, steel, and PVC Vinyl.  From patio enclosures to access control and safety equipment, MN fence is known for helping contractors realize their maximum ROI.  With fast turnaround times and superior contractor support, MN Fence has become a midwest contractor’s top choice for every residential and commercial fencing need.

The Unique Oxbow Partnership

As with any of our portfolio clients, our investment support includes a collaborative approach where we work with the existing management team to provide them the freedom, incentive, and financial support needed to succeed.  While the creation of a new business with a portfolio client is not typical, it was the right partnership at the time to create MN Fence Supply.