About Us

We are Oxbow Industries, LLC: Long-Term Investors Who Seek to Build Value Over Time, Not Over Night

Over their decades-long careers, the principals of Oxbow Industries, LLC have successfully completed over $2.5 billion of corporate finance transactions and have over $700 million in capital for our affiliated resources & partnerships.

While Working With You, We Seek To:

Create Partnerships With Your Management

Provide Access to our Professional Experience and Networks

Forge a strong path for sustained Work With You To Succeed and Grow Profit Margins

Oxbow Industries seeks to help its portfolio companies fund growth, acquisitions, and other strategic initiatives. The companies in which we invest are well established, well managed, and consistently profitable. We are committed to building these businesses in partnership with their management.

Oxbow Industries seeks operating partners whose knowledge, experience, and skill will continue to ensure the company’s long-term success.

We are convinced that strong management is the key to a business’s success. In our transactions, management always has a significant equity stake.

Transaction Types

While Oxbow has the ability to invest in companies at all stages of development, we are almost exclusively focused on opportunities to back a superior management team in acquiring a more mature business. The types of transactions facilitated by Oxbow generally include:

Ownership transition for family-owned companies.

Frequently, private company owners reach a point where they seek to achieve liquidity, diversify their holdings and/or position the company for the next stage of development. We can facilitate these objectives by sponsoring a recapitalization of the business in which the current owners obtain significant liquidity, and the next level of management is enfranchised through equity ownership. In many cases, previous owners retain an equity interest so that they can capitalize on the continuing growth of their company.

Management buyouts.

We are interested in backing entrepreneurial management teams that have identified opportunities to acquire and operate attractive businesses. We offer these teams the equity backing necessary to complete the buyout and contribute our expertise and relationships to facilitate the structuring and financing of the transaction.

Corporate divestitures.

Oxbow seeks to acquire divisions that have been deemed non-core by their corporate parent. Often these divisions have untapped growth potential and strong management teams that would benefit from Oxbow’s sponsorship, resources, and capital.