Your Vision of Success.

Our Capital.

With over $3.0 billion corporate financial transactions completed, Oxbow Industries, LLC is dedicated to building businesses in partnership with their management teams.

Oxbow seeks to invest in leading middle-market companies with outstanding leadership teams and a significant opportunity for equity appreciation.

Ox – bow. [oksbo] noun.

  1. The fertile land found in the bend of a river shaped like an oxbow;
  2. The U-shaped wooden collar attached to a yoke used to assist the team to pull more efficiently and in unison.

Case Studies

We support investments that make companies not only financially larger but also qualitatively better.


We look for good businesses with operating partners whose knowledge, experience and skill ensures the long-term success of the company.

Investment Criteria

We seek to invest in middle-market companies with revenues of $20-$250 million with solid management teams.


We work with excellent companies for great results.